Chinese Domain Name

Chinese domain has the same function of the traditional domain, which the difference would be no "www." requried at the beginning, and the formation of chinese domian must compose with at least 1 Traditional or Simplified Chinese character. Chinese domain name can compose of Chinese characters, alphabets (A-Z, a-z), Arabi Number(0-9) or symbol (-) and cannot exceed 20 characters.

The Below Table are those available Chinese Domain code:

Domain CategoryRepresentatives
It is Chinese own domain name, easy to use and remember
Industrial, commercial, financial enterprises
for networks, NICs and NOCs
Commercial entities registered in HKSAR.
Registered schools, tertiary institutions and other approved educational institutions in Hong Kong.
Registered or approved not-for-profit organizations in HKSARG.
Entities managing network infrastructure, machines and services with a license from the Office of Tele communications Authority of the HKSARG.
Registered or approved not-for-profit organizations in HKSARG.
Local Business Registration, copy needed
Business use
Cocos Islands / Commercial Company
Commercial Organizations
Local or overseas individuals or entities Registration required to produce supporting documents
Network Infrastructures
Tuvala/ television

The Advantage Of
Registering Chinese Domain Name

1.Your targeted customer could access your website easily by their familiar language.

2.Chinese domain enable user to remember a website with their familiar language easily.

3.Chinese domain could help your company to have an easy approach to the 150 million Chinese around the world.

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