Lawyer's Choice

Kawea Xu
Senior Legal Counsel
China Trademark Association(CTA)Member
Intellectual Property Senior Adviser
Enterprise Brand Promotion Senior Adviser
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences(CASS)Master of Law

Protection of Intellectual Property is always a complicated and sustainable issue for enterprises. Some enterprisers might not treat Intellectual property as important as part of their business development. Intellectual property is something that too profound to be understood. From design to promotion and legal protection, intellectual property cries out for a long-team, systematic and professional legal service.

Different legislation in different countries and regions are dazzling the enterprises who want to expand business especially for getting into China. Enterprisers are seeking commercially-minded, well-organized legal team to lead their expansion. For this reason, Huyi Global understands your need and aims at providing a board range of legal services, not only limit in Hong Kong but also works as a specialist in the field of China.

As a General Counsel of Huyi Global, here a column, a communication platform that I can share market information and case study to everyone.

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